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Seeing is Believing


Montessori classrooms are communities of multi-aged students who remain with the same teacher and in the same classroom environment for three years. This gives the teacher valuable time to get to know each of her students’ learning styles, interests, and abilities to personalize the daily instruction. The students become familiar with the routines of the classroom, the expectations of the teacher, and the availability of materials to help with completing work choices. Students prosper from parent involvement.

Our teachers are trained beyond their normal university degrees required for licensing in Indiana. The Montessori teacher is well-trained in the Montessori philosophy, child development, curriculum, instructional materials, and activities at an American Montessori Society accredited teacher education center. Our teachers also receive training from FWCS to ensure that our students receive the benefits of the FWCS curriculums and initiatives. Teachers integrate the FWCS Early Literacy Framework, Science Kits, and Social Studies curriculum into the students’ daily classroom activities.

Montessori classroom environments are designed for the child. The classrooms are inviting and intriguing – often to the parent as well as the child. These environments are carefully planned and prepared by the teachers. Materials are sequenced on the shelves according to skill and difficulty. Children are free to work and explore after initial lessons are given. Children develop independence as they choose what work they would like to complete. They also become comfortable and confident in their abilities to master the environment, ask questions, draw their conclusions, and develop a love for learning.

Peace is a key component of our Montessori curriculum. Children learn from the first day to respect themselves, others, and the classroom environment. Much time is spent learning how to solve conflicts harmoniously.

Bunche Montessori Early Childhood Center

Montessori Promotes

  1. Respect for everyone & everything
  2. Peace in the classroom
  3. Faith in the children
  4. Prepared environments
  5. Multi-aged classrooms
  6. Personalized curriculum with awareness of state standards
  7. Developmentally appropriate work choices
  8. Intentional repetition to promote mastery
  9. Self motivating students with independent work habits
  10. Love for learning
Bunche student science